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Why should you have a gravel driveway?

Gravel suppliers UK sourced driveway chippings are excellent for several reasons, below are a few of the advantages of adopting gravel in your outdoor design scheme.

  • Economically tempting.

The cost of gravel is very low compared to other driveway materials so if you’re on a limited budget or you’re aiming to cover an industrial exterior space without running the bill into thousands of pounds then gravel is the perfect material. The cost of a driveway chippings installation is often 50% less than asphalt, concrete or paving installations.

  • The aesthetic appeal.

The variety of finishes, sizes and textures make driveway chippings a hugely popular choice when people look for driveway materials.  

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Driveway chippings have their own characters, so whilst South Cerney Gravel is a relation of Cotswold Stone they have different personalities. South Cerney Gravel is much more viable than the Cotswold alternative for driveways but both are beautiful natural materials.

  • Durability.

As mentioned above, South Cerney Gravel is wonderful for use as a driveway material, its semi rounded buff chippings are available in 10mm and 20-5mm sizes and they withstand pedestrian and vehicle traffic well. It won’t turn to dust overnight. Unlike paving or concrete, driveway chippings won’t suffer from cracks, sinkholes or poor drainage which causes water damage.

If you are concerned about driveway chippings sinking or crushing under the weight of a heavier vehicle then lay the chippings within framework products stocked by UK gravel suppliers.

  • Low maintenance.

Gravel doesn’t require a great deal of attention. If it travels a little it just needs to be swept to the correct place and if any ruts should develop after repeated travel over it then laying a fresh amount of gravel takes a minute or so and isn’t a costly process. The right gravel could last for a century!

  • Easy to install.

Unlike many garden materials which may need a specialist for installations the choice of driveway chippings is user friendly and its installation takes a short amount of time. For example, contacting a paving contractor, booking an installation date and waiting for job completion could take weeks.

A driveway chippings installation can be achieved by visiting a UK gravel supplier like Rivar Sand and Gravel in Thatcham, Windlesham and Tadley and collecting the materials that you need, the install can be completed within hours. It’s a perfect weekend DIY project timescale.

  • Drainage.

Driveway chippings will allow adequate drainage. Did you know that the high number of concrete driveways has caused a phenomenon called the Urban Heat Island Effect? Concrete is not permeable so the water by the property remains on the ground instead of evaporating and the temperature rises. There are no environmental problems with driveway chippings.   

If your driveway needs to be cleaned this can easily be done with water and again the drainage won’t be an issue.

That’s six wonderful reasons why driveway chippings can work for you, so what are you waiting for?

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