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Why asbestos sample testing is mandatory?

Is your house built before 1990, then it is possible that your house some part or the other contains asbestos material. There is a need to inspect to identify potential asbestos that may be harmful as it is within your house.

The testing results are essential so that peace of mind is assured. You also can confirm if the material contains actually asbestos or not. In case the asbestos results testing assure that the material has no asbestos, it will decrease the renovation or demolition cost.

Asbestos is a material that is fire resistant and it is found in the building trade. It causes many deaths owing to cancer caused as they inhale the asbestos fibres. The asbestos manufacture products was actually banned long ago, but the asbestos material even today exists in the products and buildings installed previously. Thus any home that is more than 15 years old may be having asbestos materials is believed and so there is a need for asbestos testing such as Ortam Group asbestos testing.

The testing involves viewing of fibres under different conditions under a polarised microscope to confirm the asbestos type, in case of the presence of asbestos. Generally, the asbestos testing reveals the asbestos type found such as

  • White asbestos( Cchyrsotile)
  • Brown asbestos ( Amosite)
  • Blue asbestos ( Crocidolite)

In case the sample has no NAD in the asbestos it means there is No Asbestos Detected and so nothing will appear.

Asbestos Testing

To check the suspected materials, a sample is taken as asbestos testing bonded materials and the process of asbestos testing includes:

  • Wear a P2 respirator available that is obtainable from the local hardware
  • Dampen the asbestos material and remove around a 20 cent piece
  • Place this piece into a zip lock bag and put it into another bag
  • Apply glue PVA to the edge from where the sample was taken

In case, you notice the material appears to be in a form of powder or looks such that it will get easily damaged or in case you are unsure about collecting the asbestos samples for testing, please contact immediately to further discuss your situation or arrange for an inspection so that you acquire samples to conduct or perform asbestos testing.

It is crucial to note the asbestos testing results to know the presence of asbestos and to perform risk assessment conducted by asbestos qualified consultant.

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