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Which Gravel Do You Need for Your Project?

Do you require a chunky size or a pea gravel?

A bright coloured gravel or mellow chippings?

Can the gravel you love for aesthetic reasons fulfil your functional needs?

Do you want a local gravel product from local gravel suppliers or a product quarried hundreds of miles away?

How much gravel? How deep?

These are just a few of the points that should be addressed before you make your gravel purchase.

Specialist gravel suppliers like Rivar Sand and Gravel, based in Newbury, Hare Hatch, Windlesham and Tadley, can advise on amounts, sizes, textures and give installation and maintenance tips so that the gravel product you choose is perfect for your design and practical considerations.

For heavy traffic areas, pedestrian or vehicle, it is wise to choose a 20-25mm gravel. The 10-18mm sizes tend to compact more readily. 10mm pea gravels are often used for mulching and improved drainage efficiency.

The larger size gravels bear weight well, allow drainage and prove their worth in winter. Walking across tarmac or paving can be tricky; ice, frost or snow cannot form a slippery sheen over gravel so underfoot and wheel traction is maximised.

Local gravel suppliers are proud to offer a range of local gravel options as well as products from around the country and Europe. Each one has its own attributes and personality; make sure that your gravel reflects who you are.

Cotswold Chippings, Moonstone, Toffee and South Cerney gravels are sourced in the south of England. For Berkshire clients, it may be interesting to learn that the Moonstone and Toffee are taken from the Newbury area and are comprised of Thames Valley flint. The strength of the material makes it perfect for paths, driveways and seating areas. The predominantly black and white colour palate of Moonstone is ideal for monochrome and sophisticated designs, the Toffee gravel warms any space with a traditional, rustic scheme.

The buff yellow South Cerney Gravel lends itself to almost every possible application; the semi-angular cut adds interest and grip and will serve you for years.

The Cotswold Chippings are rich and serene; this gravel is less suited to path and driveway applications, but it provides an excellent mulching gravel over flowerbeds and in pots, acts as a captivating surround for a feature or to cover a manhole or pipework.

Green Basalt is made from granite chippings; it’s an elegant low porosity solution for paths, driveways, mulching and entertaining spaces.

Mesmerising 10mm White Dolomite gravel boasts a natural quartz content. Quartz is non-porous so the gravel becomes less porous, but it shouldn’t be used around water features because it is prone to algae.

Cheshire Pink is a water feature, driveway and path favourite.

With delivery or take away options, customers enjoy flexibility and excellent pricing. Choose from loose supplies, 450kg 20mm bulk bags and 900kg 20mm bulk bags. Some gravels are available in convenient 25kg bags.

Whether you’ve got a small courtyard, a garden path, a driveway, a seating area or a water feature to highlight, gravel is a versatile cost-effective landscaping material which enhances any space.

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