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What to Consider When Installing an Air Conditioning Unit

The hot and humid weather in Australia makes air conditioning units a must for every home and business. These appliances keep room temperature at comfortable levels. If you’re investing in a new cooling system, here are a few things you should consider.

How big is your place?

The amount of horsepower determines the cooling system’s capacity to control the temperature in a room. Generally, the bigger the area, the more horsepower you need. To calculate how much you need:

  • Take precise measurements. It’s best if you get the size of the area in square feet or square meters.
  • Does the room face west? Areas that face the west need less power to cool, because they are not in direct contact with sunlight. In fact, the only time they’re exposed is during sunset.
  • Is the room insulated? Insulated rooms are more adept at keeping temperatures even inside the room. Thus, you’ll need less power to cool the area.
  • How many occupants are in the area? Humans generate body heat. The more people occupying the area, the more your cooling system has to work to keep temperatures even.

You need one horsepower for every 16 square meters of space. Add another 0.5 to that for every 4 people who occupy the area. If you have no insulation, you should add another 0.5 to your calculations.

Buy from a trusted seller.

To get a high-quality cooling system is to buy from a reliable seller. This ensures that you’ll get authentic, branded products. Most will even offer a warranty, along with a maintenance service. The best way to experience this is to contact a reliable air conditioning installers on the Sunshine Coast that will provide cooling needs whether it be for domestic or commercial use.

What type of system do you need?

Cooling systems come in different designs. Homeowners would do best with either a window or split type, especially if they only seek to cool one room. These are simple to operate and easy to install. On the other hand, central cooling systems are recommended for commercial establishments, especially medium to large ones.

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