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What Are Bidet Toilet Seats?

Bidets are taking the world by storm. Not only are they charming, elegant and a surefire way to flaunt your lifestyle. But they help you out with things that are generally nasty to do when you think about it.

Contrary to public belief, a bidet is not an expensive, complicated, and painful alternative to the now considered less useful toilet paper. A bidet has given more benefits to a house rather than problems.

So, what are bidet toilet seats? How to use a bidet? And what is the importance of having one in the comfort of your home?

Bidet toilet seats are toilet seat attachments that help you in cleaning your bottom and genital area. Essentially a bidet is not only a ‘fancy’ way to clean up after yourself; it is economical, comfortable, and even sometimes, hands-free. A bidet also has some points when it comes to environmental issues since it uses water scarcely to clean you more efficiently than a roll of toilet paper ever could.

Another defining feature of the bidet is the ability to clean yourself even without those difficult positions that you use to wipe yourself clean. It provides comfort especially when you are sharing a home with your pregnant wife or even your elderly family members as it saves them from a lot of pain.

Kinds of Bidets

Overall there are three kinds of Bidets in the market you could choose from. Here are the list and a few information to get the general idea of the product.

Traditional Bidet

A Traditional Bidet is a kind of hose-like attachment next to your toilet. It serves as a means to wash with short bursts of intense water to clean away excess feces.

How to use it? It is very simple. Just grab the Bidet by its handle, here you can adjust the heat and intensity of the bidet. Point it where the sun doesn’t shine and fire away.

Remote Control Bidet

A Remote control bidet looks like it sounds. It is an attachment mainly located at the back of the toilet seat. It comes in many different shapes and sizes depending on the brand that it has, but one feature that makes this a haven for elderly and pregnant or even nonpregnant women is the ability to manually adjust the bidet to your liking at the comfort of your fingertips.

You can use this by only holding the remote and choosing the settings that you prefer and then let it do its magic.

Side Panel Bidets

Side panel Bidets are placed in exchange for your regular toilet seat cover. What makes this the most sought after is how ergonomically user-friendly the bidet is. In comparison to the others, it has the same feature as the remote control bidet without the added scenario wherein the remote gets lost. Aside from that, people love this kind of bidet for being the easiest one to manage so far from the three.

To know more about Bidet Toilet Seats, you can check here.

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