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Using Storage Facilities

Every person or couple that sets up house faces a terrible reality after the years roll by. Everything you accumulate over the years doesn’t necessarily fit comfortably into the home you’re residing in. In those instances, it becomes painfully obvious that there just isn’t enough room in your home for everything collected and saved over the years. Storage units Winston Salem NC is the only answer for such a dilemma. 

Things You Can Store Safely in a Storage Facility 

1. Clothing 
2. Furniture 
3. Cars 
4. Motorcycles 
5. Sports Equipment 
6. Housewares 
7. Office Equipment 

Things You Cannot Store in a Storage Facility 

• Food or anything perishable 
• Animals 
• Plants 
• Hazardous, dangerous or toxic chemicals, like gas, paint thinner or fireworks 

Storage Security 

A storage unit is available in a large variety of sizes. Many of the units can be accessed by simply driving up to the unit and opening the door. Wherever you have your storage unit, you can lock the door to keep your items safe. Most storage facilities are equipped with 24-hour security cameras and have a direct security company connection. 

Size of the Storage Units 

Units can be rented that are large enough to store cars and boats or the contents of a full three to four-bedroom home. If you simply need to store some important papers and your winter wardrobe, units can be had that are small enough to accommodate that as well. The storage units are also climate controlled, so they will never reach below zero temperatures or get extremely hot even if the weather outside is that temperature, so your belongings will never be subjected to extreme heat or cold inside the storage unit. 

Access to Your Storage Unit 

You can have complete confidence in the safety of your belongings in a storage unit. Each unit is only accessible from the outside door and never from the reinforced concrete walls surrounding the unit. You’ll enter the storage property only with a gate code in the early hours to late in the evening, 7 days a week. All tenants whose leases end can no longer gain access to the property. 

Lease Terms 

Leases to storage units can be had on a month-to-month basis. Rent is usually due on the first of every months. Long term leases may not be available, but upon deciding to leave you only need to give 10 days’ notice. 


Self storage is slightly different from many storage facilities. Self-storage means the tenant is responsible for carting all his property to and from the facility. He is also responsible for stacking and storing everything as well. 

To have the best storage experience, be sure to pack everything as if you were moving across country. Pack all your breakable items in bubble wrap separated by cardboard. Make sure electronics are tightly sealed keeping all its parts close to the units. Most of all stack lighter packages on top of heavier packages to insure when you get ready to use the things you stored they are in good working condition.

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