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Top-Notch Garage Floor Painting Service Boulder CO

Your garage floor can become damaged over time, leaving it chipped and cracked. With our garage floor painting service Boulder CO, you can prevent the cracking, crumbling, and chipping that happen to bare concrete because of winter salt and hot tires in the summer.

With a painted floor, you can keep your garage so much cleaner than it would be with just bare concrete. Walking in and out of the garage or working on a hobby is so much cleaner and more enjoyable when you don’t have to worry so much about stepping on a piece of crumbling concrete that adds to the dust of the garage.

If you’ve got a hot rod or custom vehicle to show off, a painted concrete garage floor helps set off your ride nicely. Your garage becomes more of a showroom than a dirty workspace when you have a painted garage floor. Invite your friends over for an afternoon of working on the car, and sit comfortably in chairs on the beautiful painted floor of your garage.

Although there are three main types of concrete coatings, we recommend an epoxy coating system for garage floors. Concrete stain does little more than provide a decorative finish for the concrete, and it doesn’t protect it from the work you do in the garage or the cars driving on it.

Painted concrete is the lowest-cost option you have for protecting the substrate, but it is not as protective as an epoxy application. With our epoxy coating system, you’re getting the highest performance available and a great look and finish for your garage floor.

We suggest that before you have the epoxy coating applied, you have the surface of the garage floor sanded with a diamond grinder. This exposes a porous layer of the concrete that allows for excellent adhesion and protection. This also promotes a mechanical bind that helps prevent the tires of your vehicles from lifting the coating.

We have been painting garage floors with superior quality coating systems for years, and we are highly skilled in their application. Our garage floors are aesthetically pleasing and can stand up to the hard wear and tear of work and activity that go on in your garage. Call us for a free estimate of our garage floor painting service Boulder CO. We look forward to sharing our expertise and coating your garage floor to protect it and help it look its best.

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