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Removal Companies – Top Tips on How to Get the Best Quotes

Moving to a new house can be one of the most stressful things that can happen to you – Indeed, it is often considered “up there” alongside divorce when it comes to anxiety. Hiring a professional removal company can take away a LOT of that stress and make the whole process so much easier. Without doubt, most people understand that when it comes to getting the job done (whether that be changing the bathroom or fixing the car), a professional is always going to get it done faster and usually better. Cost is more of than not the biggest worry. However, there are ways to keep those costs down and make sure you get done what you need at a price you can afford. Here’s some top tips for getting the best quotes.

Time for a Clear Out!

Packing and packaging will add to the cost. The more possessions you have the more that needs to be packed and so the more expensive the quote will be. In the first instance have a good think! Do you really need that old hedge trimmer? Be practical. Give the house a good going through and get rid of all the unnecessary “stuff” that’s been hanging around for years. Sell it, take it to the recycle centre or local dump. If it’s still in pretty good condition call your local charity shop. No more hoarding and “I might need it” – If it has not seen action for years just clear it out!


Removal companies charge for packing. DIY packing can cut anywhere between a few hundred to more than a thousand off the quote. Some companies will negotiate if you agree to pack certain items or even provide the packaging. Without doubt, it is well worth going through this with any company you get a quote from. If you do decide to do your own packing, make sure you understand fully how this might affect you with regards to possible breakage. Many removal companies will not insure items they do not pack. Andy Taylor from Excalibur, specialists in furniture and office removals , says packing is so important to a quick and efficient move.

Comparing Quotes

Getting several quotes is essential. In fact, probably the most essential of all! Different removal companies provide different services as well as levels of insurance. Some will provide estimates over the phone or online. In this instance it is VERY important to be as accurate as possible. Do you have any items of high value for example? Large items, such as a piano. Are certain rooms restricted with regards to access? Small stairways, loft access for example. Additionally, access to where you are relocating to is a consideration. Moving you to the top of a mountain will not be the same as a cosy cul-de-sac! Factors like this will affect the work and you do not want any surprises on moving day anymore than they do.

Getting online as well as offline quotes is a sure-fire way to really get an insight into costs. Either way, make sure you get a complete breakdown of what their quotes include. Usually, removal costs quotes will be based on quantity of items (based on the size of the house), packing, insurance and distance. Happy hunting!


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