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Professional Bed Bugs Pest Control

Why do bed bugs infest an environment?

The myth: Bed bugs are the result of bad housekeeping.

The truth: Bed bugs are not as rare as you may believe in professional establishments which offer overnight accommodation. Bed bugs are brave travellers and they can survive long haul flights; tourists from as far away as Australia, the USA, China and Peru can unwittingly deliver an unwanted guest to an UK establishment.

A hotel, guesthouse, B&B or airport accommodation will see several hundred people in the course of a year, inevitably bed bugs will arrive with at least some of them. It’s a fact of life, not a judgement on cleaning prowess.

Used furniture can sometimes have bed bugs on it too.

There tends to be shame about bed bugs pest control. This is unnecessary but understandable. Your pest control near me provider should always guarantee discretion and provide a swift response to ensure distress is minimised.

What are the signs that there is a bed bug issue on site?

Bed bugs are 6mm long brown oval pests.

Humans tend not to notice the bugs but learn through itchy red bites which appear on their skin, and possibly on pets. Bed bugs are nocturnal so if these injuries arise after rest this can be the strongest clue.

Check the creases in the mattress, around the bed frame and even in sockets, along skirting boards and in or on adjacent pieces of furniture.

Can I use DIY treatments?

Your reputation is at happy wheels demo stake. You are free to try DIY solutions but they won’t necessarily answer the problem conclusively. As a professional premises or home owner you know that swift eradication is imperative so why take chances? Enjoy peace of mind instead.

Bed bug infestations have increasingly evolved to become resilient to over the counter treatments. It may be that some solutions cause no ill effects, except to the human using the chemicals in them.

Don’t place yourself in danger and suffer from questionable results.

Why call professionals for pest control near me?

They have access to licensed, more effective treatments which aren’t in the public domain.

They have the qualifications and experience in bed bugs pest control that novices lack and they tackle the hidden and visible pests. Not every pest will conveniently alert you to its presence.

Confidentiality is guaranteed by Pest Control services providers including the highly regarded Pest Control Berkshire. They offer a 1-hour response time at no premium. Their operatives wear plain uniforms and drive unmarked vehicles.

What is the treatment?

  • Bedding and mattresses must be removed and destroyed pre-treatment.
  • Furniture must be relocated prior to treatment.
  • Bed bugs pest controllers normally ask the occupants to leave the property during treatment.
  • Treatment may need 2-3 applications of insecticide and it takes around 4 hours.
  • The issue is addressed room by room.
  • Work from a reputable firm often carries a guarantee.
  • Data sheets for products are given to the client.
  • There are no shortcuts.

Please search for pest control near me and discuss your needs with a specialist.


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