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Moonshine from dried fruits

If you have a moonshine still https://stills-moonshine.com/, dried fruits, berries and other ingredients, you can easily prepare moonshine from dried fruits. The technology isn’t difficult at all.

During drying water is removed from fruit and berries, and fruit sugar passes into a state when neither lactic bacteria nor a barmy fungus can digest them. By analogy with a starch sugar in cereals, the “locked” sugar needs to be released. And the best way for this purpose is heating. So the recipe is very simple: add water and make juice.

To make this moonshine it is possible to use any dried fruits:

  • apples;
  • pears;
  • apricots;
  • figs;
  • prunes;
  • raisin;

and others.

Depending on the chosen type of fruit and from their grade the recipe of home-made drink can include sugar and yeast. Moonshine based on dried fruits will have a good aroma and taste if you make it without any additives. To prepare it you may need a distiller https://stills-moonshine.com/whiskey-barrels/, but the one without a reflux column.

With yeast and sugar

According to this recipe, it is possible to make more than 3,5 liters of tasty 50 ° moonshine. You will need:

  • dried fruits (apples, pears) — 2 kg;
  • water — 10 liters;
  • sugar — 3 kg;
  • pressedyeasts— 300 grams.;
  • citricacid — 5 grams.

For a start it is necessary to make juice: fill in dried fruits with 2 liters of water, add sugar, a pineapple and boil this mixture for about 30 minutes. Cool it down to the temperature of +23 °C-+30 of °C. Then add the yeast diluted with warm water. Keep the product in a warm place for 7–10 days: it is necessary for fermentation.

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