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Maximise the Space in Your Room with Bunk Beds or Divan Beds

A bed is usually the largest item of furniture in a bedroom so if you are pushed for space it can be helpful to have some ideas about how best to maximise the space you have available. You will find a wide range of bunk beds and cheap divans with mattresses on sale online or at your local specialist bed supplier. I recommend you start your search online and find the best deals available.

First and most obvious is size. A single bed will have the smallest footprint in a room, but most adults prefer to sleep in a larger bed. If your room is just too small for a double then -prince’ could be the ideal solution. A standard UK double is 135cm x 190cm while a prince is 120cm x 190cm, adding an extra 30cm in width to the standard single. If your bed is for a guest room where there is limited space, then you could think about investing in a sofa bed that can be folded out as and when it is required.

In a child’s bedroom bunk beds can be a great way to make the most of the space you have available. If you only require the second bed on occasion for sleepovers, then you could choose a bunk that has a sofa bed in the lower half. Alternatively, a raised bed can maximise the floor space you have available, enabling you to have a desk or shelving underneath. These sorts of beds don’t have to be limited to children either and a raised double bed could be the ideal solution for your bedroom if you would prefer not to sleep in a single bed but do not have room for a double as well as your other furniture.

In a small double room, it is important to make the most of the storage capacity to reduce clutter. Since your double bed will take up the most amount of space in your room then it is important that you make the most of its storage potential. Under-bed storage units or drawers are a great way of increasing your storage space, although unless your bed comes with the option of under-bed drawers it can sometimes be difficult to find ones that are the correct size so remember to take measurements carefully.

A divan bed is great for smaller double rooms because the mattress rests directly on a solid base, automatically reducing the footprint of a larger bed frame that may have legs or a headboard that jut out into the room. Most divan beds come with two built-in drawers, so you can maximise your under-bed storage space whilst keeping everything looking neat and tidy. Unlike traditional wooden frames a divan is often a less expensive option and therefore great if you have a tight budget as well as limited space.

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