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Lawn Care Tips by Dig This Design

Mother nature can be nurturing as well as destructive and this is applicable for lawn care as well. Home-owners often work hard to achieve a beautiful landscape which can be ruined by forced of nature. Although we cannot fight nature and prevent natural disasters such as earthquakes, floods, fires, hurricanes, serve thunderstorms etc, we can at least minimise its damage on our lawn.

According to Dig This Design, no matter how sturdy and beautiful tree in your neighbourhood might be, they can the capacity to wreak havoc and cause damage to your lawn, naturally fallen trees being the most dangerous, capable of causing damage to life and property, hence it is advised to regularly prune oversized branches and younger trees can be anchored and wrapped with breathable insulation.

Lawn care tips dealing with water damage include installation of gutter system to redirect water away from house and utilities, installing a mini pond to collect water and installation of French drains and trench systems depending upon where water accumulation and flooding occurs. According to Dig this Design, water damage due to heavy rainfalls not only ruining the aesthesis of your lawn, it also erodes your top soil and creating a breeding ground for pest and insects.

Lawn Care Tips by Dig This Designrecommends building houses away from falling radius of large trees and bushes which might compromise on the shade during summer, but is essential to ensure safety of the house and its inhabitants. Also one should group similar items throughout the yard as it is an excellent wat to group potential areas of damage.

We cannot prevent the complete damage to our lawns from elements of nature such as wind, water and other natural disasters, but we can minimise damage by using proper drainage, and adopting other landscaping arranges safeguarding your lawn, landscape and your property.

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