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Ideas on How You Can Spruce Up Your Retaining Wall

A retaining wall’s main purpose is to hold back soil. However, it can also be created to meet your design specification. Retaining walls do not have to be the same old boring blocks of concrete. There are different ideas that you could go for including mixing stones of different colors and using another material aside from concrete. Read on for some tips on how your retaining wall engineer can change up your retaining wall and make your landscaping the envy of the entire neighborhood.

Stack Your Retaining Walls

Your retaining wall does not have to be a boring single block of stones or concrete. You can spice things up by stacking up your wall in different sections creating a stair-like effect. Use a concrete retaining wall for this as they are sturdy and long-lasting. Concrete on its own is a simple and classic option. If you want to stick with a classic concrete retaining wall, but want a twist, then stack up the walls. You can choose to grow different flowers on each stack just to make it all the more beautiful. If you have a sloped backyard, this is the best way to install a retaining wall that can even double up as a staircase that you and your family can use to go down your yard.

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Use Entwined Brick

Brick is a fun and different take on retaining walls that you can ask your contractor to do for you. Take the design further and pick bricks of different colors and intertwine them together. You can choose between two to three colors. This is a genius way to decorate your retaining wall without looking like you tried too hard. If your garden has flowers, then you may decide to use the flowers’ colors to make the wall blend into the background even more. Go for neutral colors for a more natural and polished look.

Overlap Stones

If you would like a bit more depth and texture on your retaining wall, then you can decide to overlap stones or concrete. The overlap effect will create shadows and create the illusion that there is more than just soil behind the wall. It makes people curious and do not be surprised if more than a few people ask you who your engineer for the job was.

Natural Rock

Sometimes simple and natural is the best way to go. Using natural stones and rocks that can easily be found in your environment is one way to do this. The retaining wall will be done by a professional, but it will have a natural look to it as if you did it yourself. You will have guests marvel at how lovely your retaining wall morphs with the rest of the landscape.You will get a handmade and natural look with professional engineering to support it.

Whichever design you choose, retaining walls will change the look and design of your landscaping and is a fun way to add a personal touch to your backyard. A wall engineer can bring these ideas to life.

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