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How to Make Your Office Décor Stand Out from the Crowd

Planning Your Office Layout

When planning your office layout, whether it is a small or large space, you need to pay attention to how it will best work for you. You need to think about where your desks are positioned in relation to the windows and doors. Want to know how to make your office décor stand out from the crowd? Create an accent with the flooring and use custom rugs to do this. This rug can be bright and contrasting to the main, neutral colour theme. Also have an accent wall and perhaps some brand pictures; the accent rug will only add further depth and interest.

Focal Points Add Interest

Most offices have neutral colours on the main walls, which are generally easy on the eye for their staff and visitors. The same applies to the general flooring of offices. Neutral colours on walls and floors will usually look best against an accent wall which will become a focal point and creates depth to the space. One example of this is using a contrasting rug as a focal point. Small offices benefit from a focal point as this can give a room more happy wheels demo depth. Large offices benefit from accent colours to create interest and break the large space up. A custom rug will provide accent to the floor for the focal point. Ornamental planting can be another addition to this part of the office. Plants are not only good for health because, as humans, we like to see greenery but they also provide natural decoration as a focal point.

Brighten up the Floor

Using neutral colours, almost any type of flooring will look good, natural wood effect, tile effect, plain carpets, etc. The neutral effect of the walls is carried through, with different shades of colour to the floor. This connects the floor and the walls. This colour scheme can be monotonous without an accent or focal point in the room. So, like the walls, the main flooring needs an accent to add character and depth over the floor space. Sometimes a home office or library can have good design ideas for a commercial office; use custom rugs placed strategically with accent walls to help create interesting focal points. When your office has a focal point and interesting accents, the space will have added character and depth.


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