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How to install an automatic gate opener?

A great way to look more luxurious and also same time and effort is to have an automatic gate. There are many types of gates you can use and almost every type can be automatized. It isn’t that expensive and how time passes it is becoming more affordable to get.

Gate opener installation requires following manual or instructions and usually assistance. There are a lot of companies that can do the job for you, but if you want to save some money, it is manageable. If you get stuck at some point, don’t try to improvise or come up with a solution when you can call a service which can help you out with your automated gates.

What is necessary?

First and the most important thing when you are doing jobs like these which include wiring is safety. Always check the manual for instruction so you won’t damage the opener or yourself. Installation of the gate opener will include mounting the attached brackets, mounting the control box, and at the end mounting the gate opener. It is recommended to read the installation manual thoroughly before starting so that you are familiar with all procedures.

Mounting the opener

First, you need to use self-tapping screws to mount the control to a fence panel adjacent to the primary side of the driveway gate. You may mount the control box on a pillar or other mounting surface if desired. The next step is to bolt the post bracket to the hinge post using the bolts which you will get when buying an opener. Place the brackets on the inside or house side of the gate just below the mid horizontal frame and tighten the bolts. What you want to do next is to attach the motor side of the primary opener to the post bracket and the extension tube to the gate bracket. With the gate in the open position, mount the gate bracket and extension tube to the gate across several pickets. Also, be sure the extension tube is leveled.

Wiring and installation

By using a trenching shovel you should dig an 8 to 12-inch happy wheels demo trench across the driveway and bury a piece of 3/4 inch PVC conduit with 90 degree sweeps coming up under the gate opener. Leave a pull string sticking out the end of each sweep. After mounting the secondary opener, pull the secondary side cable through the buried conduit so that it can be wired into the control box. When you are finished, fill the conduit with a silicone coating. Unplug the buzzer wires from the board so that they are not damaged. You can check which wire is which in every manual.

After that, bring the primary and secondary cables into the control box through the knockout hole provided and wire them to the proper terminal blocks. The terminal blocks are clearly labeled and color-coded on the control board. It is important not to forget the red and yellow wires. The two reds and two yellows can be twisted together to be wired into their respective terminals.Put the batteries into the control box and check for proper voltage which should read about 12.5 volts DC. Plug the buzzer wires back into the board and insert the second battery. It is very important to place the wires in the same colors. Then you can turn it on, the switch is usually placed under the box. Read more here.

Installing opening limits

When it comes to installing the open and close limits, you only need to work on closing because opening limits are pre-set. To set the close limit, push the transmitter button and watch the primary gate close. When it gets to the closed position you would like, stop it by pushing the transmitter button again. Next step is to push the learn button at the top of the control board for five seconds. To set the limit for the secondary opener, push the number six dip switch to the on position. Open both gates and then close them. The primary opener will stop when it gets to get limit you set, but the secondary gate will keep going until you push the transmitter button again to stop it. Push the learn button again and it is installed.


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