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General QuestionsTo Ask The Glow Stone Suppliers Before You Buy

Looking at the glow in the dark stones you may wonder what is it that makes these stones glow in the dark. Well, the best way to clarify your doubts and other apprehensions of these beautiful items for landscaping is to ask a few questions to the glow stone suppliers. The primary element that makes the stones glow is the photo-luminescent compound in it that absorbs sunlight in the form of photons and stores it inside as energy. After sunset, these stones start to re-emit the light energy stored for a certain period of time. If the wavelength is shorter, then the time of emission will be longer.

The science behind

It is all about the SrAl2O4 photo-luminescent crystalline compound in these stones that the manufactures usually use. This SrAl2O4 absorbs light energy as photons that give a constant glow in the dark. This is non-toxic, non-radioactive and produces no heat by its own during the transmission of state as it is usually associated with cold fusion. The color of the light emitted by these stones usually depends on the number of oxygen molecules that is present in the compound.These oxygen molecules alter the field structure of the crystal slightly that changes the wavelength of the light during emission. Green carries 520nm, aqua 480nm and blue 420nm.

Charging the stones

The time you need to recharge the stones may be another concern. These stones do not need much time to get recharged. Most stones take as little as one minute for a quick burst and for a full charge you will need only an hour. You can charge these stones from any source though the broad spectrum of sunlight and UV lights is the best. You can also get it charged from any incandescent bulbs, LED and fluorescent lights as well.

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