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Four Most Common Entry Points Burglars Love

Here’s something you have to accept: anyone can be a victim of burglary. Yes, even you can be a victim. And even it happens to you, it may be one of the most traumatic things you’ll ever experience. Besides the valuables you will lose over a burglary, you also have to deal with the emotional damage you will feel after it. It is definitely a devastating experience — but, ultimately, an unavoidable one.

So how can you avoid a home burglary? You can install home security system. But more than that, you have to be aware how burglars typically enter homes. This information can you decide where to install home security system

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Here are the most common ways and entry points burglars to enter your home:

The front door: Ironically, most of illegal home entries happen via a home’s front door. Successful burglaries happen with the burglars entering the front door — more so than any other point of entry to your house. This is because burglars will usually select their target homes several days before the actual burglary — which means they did prior surveillance on you and your home. They’ll know when the people living in the house are gone within in the day, the number of people living inside the dog, if there is a dog in the residence. They most likely know where you hid your “spare key.” Burglars also know how to pick locks; sometimes, they just kick the door open. More surprisingly, however, is the fact that more than 30 percent of burglars enter the target homes via unlocked doors.

First-floor window: The second most common point of entry for burglars is the first-floor window. You may have given a lot of thought securing your front door; however, a lot of people neglect the windows. Unfortunately, it is one of the weakest entry points of your home

The back door: This is an ideal point of entry for burglars because it is usually hidden and not visible to pedestrians and neighbors. It takes a bit of effort to get to the back door without attracting attention, but a lot of people, based on reports of successful burglaries, actually leave their back doors open. A lot of homes also have sliding doors for back doors, making it more vulnerable and an easier point of entry of burglars.

Garage: According to reports, more or less nine percent of burglars enter homes via the garage. Many homeowners leave garage doors open and its connecting door to the main house unlocked. More so, burglars who do surveillance on their target homes will note when you open the garage doors and you leave it unattended.

So what can you do to protect yourself? Install home security system — specifically, in areas of the house you will you are most vulnerable to. Do not scrimp on extra protection on these entry points; install double locks on main and secondary doors, get more durable locks for garage doors, use reinforced glass on your windows and install a deadbolt lock system.

What does it take to install home security systems? Visit securitycompanies.co to learn more. Here’s a quick guide that may come handy for homeowners: http://www.bsis.ca.gov/forms_pubs/alarmco.pdf.
When burglars try to enter your home, they pick the weakest point. Find out what you should do to burglar-proof your home at securitycompanies.co.

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