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Custom Millwork and Woodwork Examples

When it comes turning an apartment or house into a ‘home,’ many homeowners prefer custom millwork and woodwork to add touch elegance to their interiors. There’s something about custom interior work that cannot be compared to readymade items brought from the market. No wonder, custom millwork comes at a high price, but then this is an investment you will make for life.  From your living room and bedroom to the kitchen and bathroom, custom closets and cabinets can glorify the spaces and give your home a personal touch.

If you are considering doing the interiors for your new home, here are some custom millwork and woodwork examples that can give your home a sophisticated look


Whether you want that executive chair for your home office or a special chair to relax by the fireplace, custom millwork has you covered. The beauty of getting your home furniture custom made is that you can have them made as per the requirements of each room. From the dining chairs and office chairs to the chairs for kid’s room, your custom millwork company will able to cater to the diverse needs of your home.

Crown Moldings

With custom woodwork, you can try out the different types of moldings to give your home a vintage or contemporary look. Our favourite is the crown moldings that feature firmly positioned rectangular blocks that created from moldings.  This style is usually associated with the Classical era of Greeks and Romans. It was also a popular form in the neoclassical architecture. Other popular styles are dentil moldings, chair rails, and base moldings.

Custom Cabinets

Custom cabinets for kitchen, bathroom and other places in the house can not only increase storage space but also add elegance to the décor. Woodwork adds a touch of class and millwork companies usually offer a wide range of wooden finishes to choose from. So, you can take your pick on whether you want to go the traditional way or look contemporary. You can choose to go all wooden when doing custom cabinets for your kitchen or you may wish to mix and match for a contemporary look.


The right windows and doors can have a significant impact on your interiors, so it’s important to choose wisely. Doors are a focal point of any room, so it makes sense to make them stand out as a special element of your home décor. There are a variety of hardware and other details that can impact the overall appearance of the doors. You may choose from the different styles depending upon the location of the door. For example, you may use the folding-sliding style on the balcony, in-swing for the front door and out-swing for inner doors, etc. Determining the right height and width of the doors will also be as important as the material used for making them.

Before hiring a woodworking company, we recommend that you take a look at their custom millwork and woodwork examples. Most reputable companies will have their website with galleries that display their past work. Taking a look at the examples will give you a hang of their craftsmanship and services.

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