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Choosing the right pizza oven – some popular options

The simple dream of traditional firewood cooking at home is one shared by many Australians. Thanks to the latest culinary trend for cooking over open flames, wood-fired pizza ovens have gained a lot of popularity and the main reason for their fame is for sure the excellent taste and unique flavour created when cooking with glowing embers. This ancient cooking method will give the most natural and sweet flavour to any ingredient due to the aromas firewood lend to each dish.

Pizza ovens are very versatile when it comes to cooking, because of the higher levels of heat you can bake bread with a kind of crust you would never get in a regular oven, whole crispy fish will sauté in white wine or a whole leg of lamb with succulent juices all sealed inside roasted. Furthermore, the benefit of owning a wood fired oven will take the all-time favourite pizza to new culinary heights. The searing temperature that a wood flame creates allows for rapid yet delicate baking which produces that perfect bubbly charred crust.

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If you want to make the most of warm weather and serve your family a delicious slice of Italy, here are two questions you should ask yourself to help you decide on what pizza oven is right for you:

  • How much outdoor space do I have for my wood-fired oven?
  • How can a wood-burning oven fit into my outdoor décor?

If you can already answer these two questions, read on because we’re going to present you with five popular pizza oven options and their major features and advantages

Alfresco Wildfire Midi

Made in Australia this pizza oven will add Old World charm to your outdoor entertaining space. It was designed to complement modern alfresco areas with its stainless steel entrance and door. The Midi model comes pre-assembled or as DIY kit with a demanded concrete slab sized 1100mm wide x 1200mm deep x 65 mm thick. This pizza oven is ready for cooking in as little as 45 minutes and the inner diameter of the baking chamber will feed an average family of four people with its 100 centimetres.

Alfresco Traditional Courtyard

The courtyard model is made from the highest quality refractory materials and the design will complement a traditional or very rustic styled alfresco area. The oven will come either preassembled or as DIY kit with a set of stainless steel oven tools. It heats up in about 45 minutes and the size of the courtyard models concrete slab is recommended to be 950mm wide x 1050mm deep x 65 mm thick. The Courtyard model offers space for three pizzas at a time with its inner diameter of 91 centimetres.

Valoriani FVR80 FVR Series

Made in Italy this wood fire oven also will be delivered in form of a modular DIY kit and provides cotto clay as the baking chamber floor for maximum heat retention and perfect baking. The outer dimensions including the arch are of 90×120 centimetre and the inner baking chamber of 80 centimetres diameter, which provides space for two pizzas at a time. The Valoriani FVR80 FVR will heat up within 60 minutes.

Alfa Forno Vero

The Vero is a traditional wood fire oven made of refractory material. Due to its stainless steel exterior and its cabin-style roof its timeless architecture will adapt to any garden décor. The compact design of 137x107x5 centimetres provides a generous in-built space underneath the oven for wood storage. The Vero takes about 45 minutes to heat up and can bake 4 pizzas at a time with its baking chamber of 75×100 centimetre.

Stefano Ferrara F 80

The authentic Neapolitan pizza oven is handcrafted in Italy using traditional techniques. All the material will be shipped in from Naples, Italy. The external of this pizza oven is covered with little mosaic tiles for a very sophisticated Italian look and would make a stunning centrepiece in your backyard. The oven offers storage room underneath and the model comes in the size of 150×150 centimetres, offering space for two pizzas with the inside diameter of 80 centimetres.

If you would like to add a wood-fired pizza oven to your outdoor landscape, you should seek out the next retailer to help your outdoor cooking dreams come true.

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