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Choosing from a Range of Mahogany Wood Furniture – Not all Mahogany is the Same

Mahogany is among the superior ranges of wood furniture. Many argue it is the best money can buy. Mahogany is a rare tree found in the tropics. The wood is long lasting and considered superior to any other. Maintenance free furniture is finished with a mahogany coloured wax-polish. This is particularly long-lasting and therefore considered premium mahogany furniture. If you are looking for a range of mahogany wood furniture for your home or office, he are some buying tips that will help ensure you get the best value for money possible – With the high price tag of mahogany it makes sense to put some thought into it before buying.

Wood Glorious Wood

Wooden furniture is a classic and never really goes out of style. Mahogany is among the longest lasting because it is very tough. It is expensive, because it is one of the hardest to find. Today’s flimsy and veneered furniture, that goes out of fashion quickly (and is expected to, like last years’ boots) has its place and use. However, if you are looking for that classic piece that can be handed down for generations, primary mahogany furniture is hard to beat. This has been the story for a very long time – Vintage mahogany furniture remains in demand, admired and considered superior.

Mahogany Resources

There are two types of mahogany. One is from South America (Swietenia macrophylla) and considered the original ‘mahogany’ and superior to Africa’s Khaha spp. Both are referred to as mahogany with regards to furniture. Know whether the furniture is made from American or African mahogany. In 2003 the American Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora put South American Mahogany on the endangered list. Most furniture made after this is constructed with African Mahogany. Older pieces of furniture can be original mahogany, and are in great demand because they are classics now. There are problems in Africa with illegal logging. Please be responsible and ensure the mahogany is from an approved source.

Main Characteristics

Mahogany has a fine, straight grain that is usually free from knots or any similar defects. It is a deep red-brown colour which gets darker as time passes. Because the trees are large the boards can be used to create grand, superior furniture. It is a very durable would which also makes Mahogany one of the best, most long-lasting choices for high-end furniture.  

Why Choose Mahogany?

The whole characteristics of mahogany give this wood an elegance and beauty not matched by any other. The durability, the colour and grain make this wood unique, which makes the furniture made from it equally so. Mahogany furniture brings classical sophistication to the room. A small accent piece can bring a touch of warmth to contemporary designs.

Mahogany furniture can last more than a lifetime, which makes it a great choice as an investment piece or heirloom. If the budget is tight a few mahogany accents, such as a night-stand, side table or lamp would bring a whole new look to your room.

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