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Are You Moving Office?

Moving office is not easy, and this is even more true if you do not contact or work with the right removal company. In fact, an office removal can turn into a major headache if you do not plan your removal with the help of an experienced firm. That is why your choice of a removal company can make a big difference in the success of any office relocation.

Indeed, a new office move can turn into a burden, especially if you are also moving to a location that features new furnishings and a new design. You also must coordinate cable runs and make sure your electrical outlets are placed in areas that will fulfil your equipment needs.

Therefore, once you have decided on a location and notified your employees, you need to organise the move. Being prepared will make for an easier transition. Therefore office removals in Essex that include the installation of cables and electrical wiring need advanced planning.

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Planning for Your IT Needs

With respect to your IT needs, you need to make plans far in advance of your actual relocation date. This means you will need to schedule a site visit at your new location to survey the cabling requirements. About two months before you move office, you need to contact Internet service providers, carriers, and technology vendors.

You will also need to evaluate your equipment and furnishings. If the network infrastructure in your office is older, you will need to update your equipment. This will help you cut down on the equipment that needs to be moved. In fact, if new equipment is necessary, you can have it already set up before the move-in date.

Inventory Your Equipment

When reviewing your current equipment, be sure to inventory all the items. That way, you can getter assess whether the equipment will meet your IT needs in your new office location. List the equipment that needs to be upgraded or replaced and order new equipment. During your inventory process you can also return any leased equipment and dispose of non-usable equipment.

After reviewing your computer equipment, you need to evaluate your communication needs. For example, you need to check to see how many phone lines you will need as well as how many Cat5 and Cat6 cables. You will also have to check on the number of power outlets available.

Once you have made these surveys, you can prepare a checklist for your new office space. For example, you will need to check on the locations for network cabling points, power jacks, and workstations. You will also need to decide where to locate your scanners, routers, and printers.

Any of the above evaluations can be done with streamlined efficiency – provided that you plan ahead. That is the key element missing from many office removals today. If you plan your move about two months before you relocate, you can do so without too much difficulty.

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