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Acclimatisation for your new floor is important

Before installing your new laminate woodflooring, sometimes a recommended acclimatisation period is required. Acclimatisation is required as there can be dramatic differences in temperature & humidity between the products’ origin and the installation environment – your home. To ensure your flooring performs as it should, take a moment to read the following and apply it to your installation. The more attention paid to the pre-installation and preparation, the better the result.

Here are our general recommendations:

  • Solid Wood Flooring – 7 days minimum – 14 days preferred
  • Engineered Wood Flooring – Not essential – 2 days preferred
  • Laminate flooring – 2 days minimum
  • Natural Carpet – 2 days minimum
  • Vinyl Tiles – 2 days minimum

How you acclimatise your floor is as important as the concept itself.

  • Leave your flooring in the boxes. Do not open them until you start your installation
  • The product must be in the room(s) that the intended installation will occur in or nearby. (Acclimation cannot occur in a garage when the installation is inside the home)
  • The temperature of the environment and specifically of the installation area should be normal room temperature or normal living conditions for that specific area
  • The interior Relative Humidity(RH) should be as close to normal as possible
  • Check the sub floor moisture level and the product moisture level on receipt of your flooring. Keep a record of these readings
  • Before installation check these moisture levels again on the sub floor and product to make sure that they are still within manufacturer guidelines

The whole point of acclimatising your chosen flooring is to stabilise the moisture levels between the product, the sub floor and site of installation as much and naturally as possible. Humidity is everywhere and changes constantly with the seasons and site locations. Your interior humidity is also always changing especially with the intervention of many varieties of heating systems which make this process even more important. If you are hiring a local flooring company to fit your chosen flooring, make sure you speak to them beforehand and see if you can have the materials delivered to your home, before work is scheduled to commence.

Please make sure you read your specific manufacturer’s instructions before installation as the above is for a general guide use only and these simple rules can vary.

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