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A Quick Guide to Install Railing System

Here is a quick guide to theinstallation process of railing systems. It can help you do it all by yourself.

Balustrades or railing systems are installed on both sides of thestaircase for protection from fall off. There are some standards which need to be followed when installing railing systems.Here we are presenting some guidelines to help you understandhow to install railing system.

  • Height of staircase

The first thing that thing that needs to be kept in mind is the height of the stair treads.It must be no less than 34’’ of height. None of the openings must be wider than 4-3/8″. It must not exceed 4-3/8″ spherical as well.

  • Position of the staircase

You must know everything about your staircase before starting theinstallation. It means you must know the position of your staircase, the trickiest part of all. The top of the post and bottom of the post should be aligned properly. The handrails must be easy to grip, and the grip also needs to be consistent.

  • Protected with balustrades

Both sides of the staircase must be guarded with balustrades, and it must not be more than 30” high from thefloor.

  • Size of boltsand plumbs

Lock the bottom staircase rail with stair frames having (2) ½” bolts.

If the stair caseis attached with riser board, also attach it to stair stringer. Make sure the rail post is long enough for a 34″ minimum rail plus additional room for post cap mounting. Check for the plumb for both upper and lower staircase.

  • Angling the railing

Next, lay the lower rail on the staircase for measuring thecorrect angle. Measure the intersection of posts and mark it. The cut both upper and lower case of thesame length.

  • Attaching it to the connectors

After cutting the rail case attach both connectors to the bottom and top of the rail and screw it tight.

  • Installing Rail and balustrades

Install the bottom of the rail between the rail posts.After that install, the stair balustrade separated 4” apart.

  • Alignment of the rail and installing rail post

Align the rail section for marking the connector location and install them.  These balustrades must not be higher than 34” from nose to bottom.

Measure the blusters which fit on your staircase and slide them on the lower staircase rail connectors to fit in.

After that attach the rail 4×4 rail post and screw it tight.

Check that top of thecap is of the same height as the deck of the rail case.

Notice the top cap terminates into the rail post at the same height as the deck guardrail. After setting up install a cap cover on rail top.

This step-by-step will allow you to perfectlyinstall railing system in your house.

After the complete installation, you can also paint your guardrail. Choose the best color according to your décor.

Install the railing systemwith complete security and care. Check the state of each balustrade so that you can ensure complete security while climbing steps.

For more details and procedures, visit websites andnumerousarticles on similar topics. You can even find adetailedguide onstyles, installation process and maintenance of the balustrades.


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