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Published on January 30th, 2019 | by admin


6 Reasons That Make Metal Photo Prints So Popular

Metal photo prints are the next big thing that isn’t just curtailed to photographic art galleries now. Companies have started supplying such stunning samples for residential use too. Basically, they are of two types – brushed and white. And both the types look equally stunning. In the end, it always comes down to your personal choice and budget. However, the two primary things that you shouldn’t ignore while buying metal prints include the following.

  • Always provide the companies with HD-quality pictures that demonstrate correct colors, as you want
  • Always choose good companies so that the quality is not tampered with just to save some money

Are Metal Prints Worth The Hype?

Absolutely! Metal prints like the Big Acrylic metal prints flaunt the following benefits that you should be aware of.

  1. Metal prints are lifelike structures with clear designs. The pictures seamlessly blend in the skin of the metal and are built to recreate the exact same hues as that in the picture provided. Organically they are matte but they can also be made glossy with the help of liquid varnishing. Besides, the corners of metal prints flaunt smooth finish.
  2. Metal prints are the rare centerpieces that are capable of handling external weather without losing shine because the metal is water-resistant and heat resistant. Also, they are safe for outdoor decor because the metal used is aluminum that is corrosion resistant.
  3. The maintenance cost of metal prints isn’t much. You can simply wipe the pictures and the color still doesn’t fade or smudge because the picture is printed on the back side of the metal, not on the top. This is also the reason that the color intensity stays true even under the sun.
  4. Metal prints are made with aluminum. And the specialty of aluminum is that it is extremely lightweight. In fact, you can always provide the company with the estimated weight you expect for a better experience. All in all, these pictures do no harm the wall since they do not need much support.
  5. Unlike many other picture frames that get dirty with time, it’s the opposite with metal frames. You can use simple solutions to wipe all dirt marks and fingerprints from the surface of the metal. Thus, metal prints remain as vibrant as new for years.
  6. Metal prints can be ordered in small as well as medium and large sizes. Also, some pieces are pricey than the others when customized. However, there’s always going to be one perfect piece that will meet your requirements and expectations within your budget.


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