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Published on October 23rd, 2018 | by admin


4 Easy Ways to Revitalise Your Home This Winter

As we ride out of the worst of the winter weather, looking ahead to the warmth of spring is a great way of brightening your home during the gruelling winter weather – after all,  it won’t be long before we’re throwing open the windows and letting the sunshine in!

From simple storage solutions to quick fix cleaning, today we’re bringing you 5 ways to revitalise your home this winter, as what better way to combat that gloomy winter weather than embracing a bit of spring positivity into your home?

Lighten up

First things first – swap out those heavy winter fabrics for something more suitable for a light and breezy vibe. Canvas and cheviot pillows and hefty duvets might be great for cosy festive nights in, but once it starts to warm up, you’ll want to swap them out for linens and cottons to help air out your rooms.

Bring in some bright colors and a new focus, too, with colorful accent furniture and accessories. Think lime greens and bright yellows that will give your home the kind of refreshing citrus palette that transports you from the grey skies of winter to the bright warmth of spring. For an extra splash of color, think about bringing some greenery inside and keeping your plants in colorful vases. This is a great, low-maintenance way to keep your home fresh.

Keep it clean!

This may seem obvious, but having a spring cleaning session is one of the best ways to refresh your home for the coming months. During the hectic festivities of winter, upkeep of your home can easily slip, so keeping on top of the cleaning will ensure a revitalised home that’s ready for both busy festive celebrations and lazy days in alike.

Get creative

Add an extra spot of color to your rooms by going bold with a bright statement wall or keep it classy and understated with some contemporary wall tiles. Whether it’s the whole room, a simple splashback or your kitchen worktops, adding bold motifs and splashes of light hues to your home will help to shake off those winter blues.

Switch up your storage

During the festive period, most homes find themselves overrun with gifts, and it can be difficult to find a home for all of your new items. If you want to smarten up your home and make sure everything has its own place, maintain a fresh and organised home with some smart storage solutions. Simple fittings such as sink units with cabinets beneath your bathroom taps, for example, provide functional storage solutions that add a layer of style to your home.

Following these tips will help ensure the dark, cold nights of winter remain outside the front door. By adding some simple revitalisation efforts in your home, you can create a positive and lively interior that juxtaposes that wretched winter weather and looks forward to the months ahead.

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